Posted in October 2010

Oncologist no. 1

If you read my last post, you will have a pretty good idea what the Oncologist recommended.  But for those who want all the details here they are: What they found – widespread DCIS in the right breast, 1 x 2mm invasion in breast tissue, 1 x 2mm invasion under nipple, 1 x 2.7mm invasion … Continue reading

All staff email. I did.

Hi all Well, in the spirit of breast cancer awareness month (and because it’s going to become evident pretty soon) I have decided to come clean. Six weeks ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Initially the Dr told me I had a 90% chance that after some pretty major surgery, I would need no … Continue reading

Project eggstraction

Never a dull moment around here.  I started IVF on the weekend! When I went to the clinic last week, after being run through all of the process and statistics, I made my decision to proceed.   It was perfect timing, with my cycle due to start within a few days.   This meant, I could begin … Continue reading

Finally, some good news :)

I called my Doctor yesterday to chat about my still numb right arm.   It’s been over a week now and it hasn’t improved.     I actually did some online research and discovered that there are plenty of women out there with the same side effect post the same operation.   Which made me feel better (not abnormal) … Continue reading

Odds and options

I must confess that yesterday was probably the toughest emotionally I’ve had since my diagnosis. Why?  I finally started reading some of the pamphlets and information I’ve been given on what COULD happen in the future.  For example side effects of chemotherapy and temoxifen. I spent all morning in a state of panic. Thankfully, some … Continue reading

Theme songs

Theme songs

Is it just me, or do other people also get songs in their head that seem to co-ordinate with what is happening in life at the same time? There are two songs in my head on high rotation, they’ve been there for weeks! Survivor chorus (Destinys Child) I am Woman (Helen Reddy) OK, to be … Continue reading

Happier and Stronger

As the heading says, I am happier and stronger than I was 2 days ago.   I actually woke up the morning after my last post with distinctly less pain and by day 3 (out of hospital) I was pain killer free.  Feel like a wuss for complaining now! I enjoyed my weekend away, although, I … Continue reading

Return from hospital take 2

I’m pleased to say, I was only in hospital for 2 days as planned.  Actually even a few hours less! The operation went to plan.  They took a little over 10 nodes out.  Apparently we have up to 40 under each arm.  Next step is to get the pathology results back.    Then we can work … Continue reading

Back to the hospital I go

Quick post this morning, I’m due at mums in 15 minutes for a ride to the hospital. I will be under the knife in a few hours.  The plan is to take a significant sample of lymph nodes from my right side.  The Doctor is also going back in to that breast to make sure … Continue reading

Practicing acceptance

I had good news and bad news at my Breast Cancer specialists (Drs). The good – I can start exercising in just 4 weeks time.  Very exciting news, I was really enjoying my running and preparing for my first triathlon when I was diagnosed.  I am missing it and know that exercise has positive benefits … Continue reading