Posted in March 2011

The problem with Shoulds

Since I was diagnosed with cancer, I have felt a bit invaded at the amount of ‘shoulds’ that have come my way. The shoulds of course, are primarily in relation to how others think I SHOULD fight the disease (and I’m not talking about my Doctors here). I have to say largely my response has … Continue reading

Thoughts turning to life beyond chemo

With 3 weeks of taxol to go as of today, I find my mind wandering more often towards my post chemo life.  In particular sorting out my hair, boobs, diet and fitness regime. In terms of priorities hair is number one, but the pace of growth is obviously beyond my control.   It will grow as … Continue reading

Eye am getting there

I can hardly believe it,  I am now 83% of the way through my chemo treatments, with just 4 weekly taxols to go.   I figured this statistic out whilst driving to the Hunter Valley on Fri afternoon and it brought a big fat smile to my face. But last week was especially tough.  Not compared … Continue reading

Look Good, Feel Better?

I finally went to a Look Good, Feel Better session this week after a couple of false starts. These are my thoughts…. Who can resist a goodie bag? Especially if female and said bag involves free skincare and makeup? Not me! So the program is immediately a winner. What I liked best was the feeling … Continue reading

It’s Just a Ride – Jem

Sometimes, when things aren’t going so well, this song can really cheer me up….so I thought I’d share the lyrics with you.  And don’t forget – it’s just a ride! Jem – It’s Just a Ride (Inspired by Bill Hicks) Life, it’s ever so strange It’s so full of change Think that you’ve worked it … Continue reading

Warts and all

I should start this post by saying I don’t have warts.  At all.  I do have an eye stye though which is making me kind of grumpy. I mean I’ve already got baldness to contend with, why not go and add to my facial aesthetic issues! I had taxol round 6 yesterday of the new … Continue reading

Some wise words for a Sunday

Thought I’d share a few of my favorite quotes. Not sure who originally spoke these words but I think they are/were very wise! 1. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is the present – treat it as a gift 2. Worry is interest paid on trouble, before it falls due and my old … Continue reading