Citibike love

Citibike love!

I got my Citibike key in the post shortly after surgery and I couldn’t wait to be recovered enough to hop on.  Of course I got on a bike well before I should have.  But I quickly discovered that biking put less pressure on my feet than walking (it’s true I promise).  My initial tentative rides over the past 3 weeks have grown to the point where the bikes are my pretty much my primary method of transport.   

New York is the absolute perfect city for these bikes.  Yes I agree with the naysayers that they are dangerous, particularly the lack of helmet enforcement.  That said (blushes slightly) I have never worn a helmet whilst riding one.  It’s just not convenient……and I’m like the best bike rider ever and totally safe.  Lies, lies, lies.  I am clumsy in all aspects of life, bikes included!   Anyway, back to the topic, NY is perfect for these bikes, because it is such a geographically small place, and riding it makes it even more easy and convenient to enjoy.  

After a few frustrating peak hour rides in heavy traffic, I have resorted to primarily riding up and down along the Hudson River.  Sure it can get busy, but there are no cars and few traffic lights along the way.  It feels safer as I cruise up and down, with a smile on my face enjoying the fresh air – and getting some incidental exercise in while I do it.

So, people as you can see I am a fan.  A big fan.  Just not sure I’ll be as a big a fan in winter….but time will tell.


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