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Tripping to CT!

Tripping to CT!

Greenwich CT, Old Greenwich, Stamford and Rye.   After our recent weekend on the road to DC and back, this past weekend we decided (Chilli and I) to explore much closer to home. So we went on a huge 45 minute train ride out to Stamford Connecticut. Once we arrived, we picked up a hire … Continue reading

New York down time

New York down time

New York down time. I don’t do this enough, but a couple of weekends ago, I spent a whole weekend rather self indulgently alone.  That is until Sunday night when I had a lovely visit with Baby O. I was totally in my element. I spent my time enjoying some sunshine, spectacular sunsets, a ride … Continue reading

3 year cancerversary

September 2013…so far anyway! Tennis, baseball, Brooklyn, my 3 year cancerversary, new friends, old friends, work friends and some pretty sky’s.  That’s what’s been happening so far.   Oh and Chilli Sparkles is enjoying getting around on the subway.  These days she actually gets excited when she sees her trusty transport (aka black travel bag). … Continue reading

Summer time in the city – NYC

NYC Summer 2013 I have finally spent a couple of weekends at home and recovered enough to get out and about.  Lots of people complain about New York in summer (it’s too hot, it smells etc).  But I love it.  I would have to say my favorite part is the Hudson at dusk.  So pretty … Continue reading

Citibike love

Citibike love! I got my Citibike key in the post shortly after surgery and I couldn’t wait to be recovered enough to hop on.  Of course I got on a bike well before I should have.  But I quickly discovered that biking put less pressure on my feet than walking (it’s true I promise).  My … Continue reading

Montauk baby, July 2013 I told you I would go back.  The highlight this time outside of Montauk itself was that my wonderful Chilli Sparkles survived her first train trip. 3 hours spent inside a bag.  Super cool, so proud! She also learned to ride me on my bike, which is pretty handy when I’m … Continue reading

Adventures of mum and me

Mum’s (aka pat the rat) New York visit, June/July 2013 My mother came to stay with me for a huge 5.5 weeks over the beginning of summer.  My sister joined us for the first 10 days, and our truly excellent Turks and Caicos adventure, then mum stayed on for another month after that. This was … Continue reading

Surgery….foot surgery this time

Diary of a bilateral Cheilectomy & Youngswick Austin Osteotomy. It’s now been 3 weeks and 4 days.  I think I’m about 60% recovered.  I am in a lot less pain but still find my feet swell if I spend too much time on them.  I’m allowed to shower but not swim.   I have migrated … Continue reading