Posted in June 2011

High expectations

I’m the first to admit it, I have high expectations. I am not sure why or how I got to be this way inclined, but it’s a pretty consistent theme in my life. This manifests itself mostly with friends. I expect a LOT from them. Too much I’m sure. Mind you I also give a … Continue reading

Brief mojo sighting

It’s now been 9 months since I was diagnosed with the dreaded breast cancer.  The first 3 months after diagnosis I had a man in my life.  Since that fell by the wayside, however, my mojo has been on an extended vacation.   Perhaps the bald head and faux boobs sans headlights are somewhat to blame … Continue reading

New Foobies

Just two more sleeps and I am going to be saying goodbye to the god awful tissue expanders, and hello to some brand new implants.  Polyurethane breast implants to be precise. Rather than being properly worked up about the fairly major operation coming up, I seem to be in denial.   I’m far more focused on … Continue reading

Cruel to be kind?

I had lunch with a good friend yesterday who told me how great I’m looking now that chemotherapy is done. I found this comment odd because during chemo, I was regularly told I was looking fantastic.  Remarks like ‘your skin is clear and glowing’ and ‘you don’t look sick at all!’ were thick and fast.  … Continue reading

One day, 24 hours, 1440 minutes

I’ve been thinking lately about how I feel like my life changed so much with this breast cancer thing that it’s like I had one life up until the day I was diagnosed, then I started a different kind of life (which is the one I’m living now).    It fascinates me, that you can go … Continue reading

My bucket list

My bucket list

Inspired once more by @alice_pyne I have decided to write myself a bucket list. The good news is, at aged 40 (rather than 15), I have ticked a whole lot of stuff off the list that I’m sure would have otherwise been on it (eg backpacking through Europe, scuba diving license, cruising the Mediterranean, living … Continue reading


You would have to be living under  a rock – or not on twitter – to have NOT heard about @alice_pyne in the last week.  But just in case, the summary goes; Alice is 15 and has terminal cancer.   After getting recent news that her cancer is growing, she decided to write a Bucket List, … Continue reading

In boob news today!

So, off I went to break the news to my surgical oncologist re the proposed plastic surgeon switch only to find…he already knew! How rude, the plastic surgeon in question and he had apparently operated together recently and took the opportunity to break the news.  Is there no patient confidentiality around here anymore? In better … Continue reading

My boobs, my boobs, my boobs

This week, my boobs are very much going to be under the spotlight. I have finally made an appointment with my breast cancer surgeon (seeing him tomorrow). During which I am going to inform him that my Oncologist is fine with me having my tissue expander’s replaced now – rather than waiting until my herceptin … Continue reading


About time I talked through my progress on the new regime I figure (that being 3 weekly herceptin and daily tamoxifen).   I may call it a regime, but compared to chemo, it is fairly uneventful which is a very nice change. It’s quite hard to know now, whether the SEs (I’m like so up on … Continue reading