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Chicago favorites I fly to Chicago for work (from NYC) on average 3 times per month.  To be fair I haven’t gotten to know the city too intimately given much of the time I am in taxis, the office and hotel rooms.   But I will say they sure know how to do food.  I … Continue reading

You really can’t go wrong watching the Knicks at Madison Square Gardens, particularly when they win.  For us foreigners at least of the Australian variety it is quite the spectacle.  I mean we don’t really do crowd participation outside of the odd wave at home.   So to sit in the stands and scream to the “I … Continue reading

This morning (well it was almost afternoon by the time I left) I headed out for an 18km run.  Just your average Sunday, at least your average Sunday if you’re doing a 1/2 marathon in a few weeks time!  Yes tis true, 3 weeks today I am doing the New York CIty Half. I ran … Continue reading

Hi all, check out my new puffer coat – mum FIIIIIIIIIINALLY got around to buying me a decent one. It’s super warm.  Actually when I’m doing my sprint training, I get a bit too hot.  But let’s face it, I look cool and that’s the main thing. Took mum to the park this morning and … Continue reading

Every Friday morning I have a meeting first thing down town.  I love saying down town in reference to New York, makes me feel like such a local and all!   Actually is 23rd and 6th down town enough to be called down town? I’m not too sure but it’s definitely down town from where … Continue reading

One of my absolute favorite things about living in New York is it’s proximity to the rest of the world. I must say I said the exact same thing about London when I lived there many moons ago (13 years in earth time). On the long weekend just gone (Presidents Day) we took advantage of … Continue reading

This post is long over due.  But I was a sickie last week.  And then I went to Jamaica Mon over the long weekend.  Anyway, here it is, Central Park, NYC after a serious dumping of the white stuff thanks to Nemo.  So pretty.  As you can see Chilli Sparkles and I both loved it.